Saturday, November 6, 2010

Loving the weekends

Hello! How nice the weekends are you don't go to school how relaxing it is. Today I'm not posting any pictures of my blythe dolls. Weekends are amazing because when you wake up then you see a wonderful sunshining day it is. And yes you can sleep late on weekends. Don't you just want to go outside and feel how cool it is. Not so hot that you have to go back inside. My favorite season is fall. I love how fall has leaves coming off the trees. The wind just blowing on you and its so nice to have a picnic outside. Actually its so nice that you can have a picnic with your blythe dolls anytime of the day. Now talking about giveaways I'm going to make things like keychains, braclets, rings, maybe backpacks to sell. But I'm not sure when I'm going to make those things just yet. I'm not so sure if I'm making those things just yet. Those are my ideas to make and sell on online. I'm having a wonderful day! When I woke up then I saw the sun coming out its a lot better than having rain. I'm so exciting to have winter come so I can go sledding in the backyard. I love sledding its has a lot enjoyment. What do you like to do for winter? Oh and this website has the blythe clothes to sew on your own:

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