Friday, March 22, 2013

Visit me at my new blog!

I just wanted to say that i made a new blog and i am quiting this one.Please enjoy my new blog!Thanks!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Considering 14 and up girls penpals only

I am sorry that I haven't posted in 5 months and I been busy since we are going to move to Washington state by December of this year.Whoever would like to my penpal I might see sending cute little things in envelopes since in Washington state there's cute things there like Seattle.When I move then I will be starting a final new blog that is a website and I will stop working on this one for a change because my mom selling all of my Blythes to pay for the bills around here and I don't like blythes like I used to.With some of the money we can maybe get a Wacom tablet for all of us to use for blogging including my new website!I am so excited for it!

Please email me only at:


Please refer all your friends that i am looking for 14 years olds and up girls to be penpals with!

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully you can help me get a good 14 year old girl to be my penpal!! :) Whatever you can do will be helpful!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Old Shows DVD'S

I know it today is 2 weeks since I did my blog.My mom buy some old shows dvd's at amazon and I decided to show what shows she got.Their 3 old shows dvd's that I have never seen before I think.My mom watch a show called Hazel when she was a kid and she liked it!And I'm so excited that we can get these ones instead of borrowing them at the library.Most of them probably aren't at our library.Our library sometimes don't have a few old shows and that very sucks. :( Oh,well.I love watching old shows with my family & by myself!These old shows are FUNNY!I like when shows are FUNNY,but I don't like them when their really stupid.I love collecting old shows dvd's.My favorite shows are Road To Avonlea & Anne of Green Gables.I will have to continuing this post in my new blog ( I run out of space to post more pictures.I will make the pictures a lot smaller.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home Decorating book,a art journaling book,tools,and a handwriting book

Yesterday my mom got in a home decorating book,art journaling book,tools(pens and color pencils),and finally a handwriting book.When I look inside the books they were just so great to have and to use.These things are really amazing!Later on today if I don't forget to my sister and I are going to art journaling this afternoon.I keep on saying,but I'm just busy that I forget things sometimes.I will show you a few pages in the art journaling book,2 pages in the handwriting book,and 2 pages of the home decorating book.I know these are a lot of pictures,but they are worth it.I know that there's a few or mostly people that loves to see blogs that has pics then no pics.Have a great day to everyone!I love blogging so much!!!!! :)

Brand Name Clothes

I know that some of you like to see what my clothes look like and yesterday my mom went to TJMAXX and she picked out a beautiful dress,a striped shirt,and a night gown.The Levy's jean I am going to show you isn't from yesterday.I been having Levy's jean for quite a while now.I love showing pics on my blog! :) Pictures are great to see on blogs including my blog too!The night gown I don't think it's a brand name brand.My other post I think probably some of them are brand name,but I'm not very so certain about it.

Board games

Like I said in my other post from Tuesday(April 17th)I will show you what games we sometimes play and always play around 4:00 before my dad comes home from work.I like playing games besides doing nothing and be bored.Their is always things you can do besides doing nothing.You should try to play with your family besides going on your,iphone,ipod touch,or phone.I do blog and spend time with my family too.The first game I am going to show you is Life and inside the box.The second game is called Tic Tac Kuo.Tic Tac Kuo is like Tic Tac Toe.You have to get 3 balls in a row and you can do it across or diagonal and then you win the game.Horray!! :) :) Games are really fun!I still want to have lots of games when I'm older than I am now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Abeautifulmess hairstyles

I was going to show you a link to her blog and when you scroll halfway down you can click hairstyles button and she has some awesome hairstyles!My mom did the Classic French Braid and it came out so ''beautiful''!This is the link to her blog and the next day I will try to post pictures of things.I was busy doing things like cooking and I forgot to take pictures of things.It's already 2:16 pm and it's getting latter by the day.For tomorrow post I will take pictures of broad games that my family and I play.Give me any ideas that you would like to see on my blog someday.Abeautifulmess(elsie,emma and sometimes Rachel) that has some great advice and tips.Sometimes Skunkboy Creatures(Kate) post great things too.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reading and Crosswords Puzzle Book

These are the books I am currently reading now.I have also taken a picture of my crosswords puzzle that I do at night.I love crosswords puzzle because it help you get smart and you won't forget any words when you grow old.I been having this crosswords puzzle book since 2010 and I wanted to start using it again.Isn't amazing what books they make so you can get smart.Getting smart is like you can tell somebody anything that you learned and they will tell another people what you said to them.Don't forget please post 1 or any of my buttons on your blog.I want to get more visitors on my blog.The book anne of avonlea is a lot different than road to avonlea series and I still like Road To Avonlea than Anne Of Avonlea book.Reading books are usually are fun!When I started reading I thought that it was boring,but when I kept on reading then I thought that it isn't so bad then I thought it was.The Crosswords Puzzle Book I got at a bookstore called Barnes & Nobles,they sell some awesome and cute stuff!I love awesome and cute stuff so much!!

Sewing materials and my favorite clothes that I sometimes wear

What you need for to sew a ipod cover is a sweater and thread.Another time I will show you each step to make a ipod cover for you ipod.I will also try to make a cover for our kindle and our reader we have.I also take pics of dresses,shirt,and a skirt.I am showing you these because I want to show you what my fashion is to wear.The last picture isn't a dress it's a skirt.My mom buys me some of my clothes at TJMAXX and Marshalls and nowhere else,but except some of them are from Kohls too.I love Kohls because they sometimes have great clothes that you can buy them cheap.I love wearing dresses and skirts.Their mine favorite clothing!! :)

My Collection

My mom gave me some great ideas like this one for instance.She said I can take pics of my collection and that what I did,but I only take pics of my stuff animals collection,and another day I will post pics of my other collection I have.I take pics of my moomins animals that I got from my BFF from Finland and my cheburashka from Russia that I traded with someone with.I love collecting things,but not Hello Kitty.I know that people think she's cute,but I just very care about Hello Kitty.Enjoy your day!In my next post I will show you what clothes I have that I like!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Homemade Fettuccine Alfredo

Today I tried to make Fettuccine Alfredo without Heavy Cream because Heavy Cream is too creamy for me.So let me tell you the recipe for it.I know that when I lived in Michigan my mom brought my older sister Fettuccine Alfredo in the frozen section and that isn't good and luckly my mom nver buy it for her anymore.Those things are just aren't good and they have all the bad stuff in it then the good stuff.Remember if anything is frozen,or in a box that made for you,or in a can that stuff isn't good for you too.My mom learned her lesson now and I do too.I always ask my mom to get me that stuff and that what made me sick.Enjoy this recipe for Fettuccine Alfredo!! :) :)

You will need:
18 oz of Fresh Fettuccine Alfredo Noodles
3/4 cups of pasta water
2 sticks of butter,but I used a lot less than that
3 1/2 parmesan cheese,but I just pour in what I needed

This is the websites instructions you need to do.

  • Bring 6 quarts salted water to a rolling boil. Add pasta and cook until it is just al dente. (for fresh pasta this takes approximately 2 minutes. For dried pasta it will take approximately 8 minutes.)

  • Drain pasta, reserving about a cup of the pasta water.

  • Bring 3/4 cup pasta water and butter to a boil in a large skillet. Add pasta and sprinkle with cheese. Toss until a rich creamy sauce is formed, adding more water as necessary. (about 2 minutes)

  • There you have it homemade Fettuccine Alfredo.Here's 2 pictures of what mine looked like.

    Fresh lemon limeade drink with cherries

    This afternoon I have decided to make my very own drink without no recipe.Isn't that AMAZING!I have take 1 picture of the ingredients and 1 or 2 pictures of what it looked like.Why is it pink?It's pink from the cherry juice and cherries.I have used cherries from the jar instead of cherries by the fruits and vegetables because those ones probably be gross in the drink.Let me tell you the recipe.I hope you enjoy this cool summer drink on a hot day!Remember this recipe is mine and nobody else and if you do post this recipe on your blog please tell them that you got it from my website and post a link to it.I forgot to include a spoon in the picture of all of the ingredients and you do need one.I hope that you will enjoy like I did!When you finish making the drink you then open the cherries and add a little bit of juice and a few cherries in the drink.You can use any amount of cherries you want to,but I used 3 cherries and that was surely enough for it.When you do try it tell me what do you think of it.
    You need:
    1 cup of sugar
    2 small limes
    2 large lemons
    a lime squeezer
    a jar of cherries(not from the fruits and vegetables aisle)
    a spoon to mix with
    a recycled bottle or a bottle to pour it in

    You first cut the limes in half and then put the limes in the squeezer and squeeze the limes in the glass bottle.Then when you finish that you cut the lemons in half and then put them in the squeezer and squeeze them in the glass bottle.When you finished that you pour water halfway and then add your 1 cup of sugar and then mix it up.You add more water until it reaches to the top.You pour the drink in a little glass that you are going to drink out of and open the cherries and add a little bit of juice and a few cherries.There you have it Fresh Lemon and Limeade with cherries.It's a good summer drink!If you want to you can ice to your drink so that it can be cold instead of being hot.

    Movies I watch last week

    Every week I will show you movies what I watched from last week.I love watching movies and posting them on my blog.Movies make my day happy and fun!! :) Without no movies then it be BORING.Who wants that to happen.I have just figure out something about my blog I need to post more posts and more pictures then just posting something without pictures.I have watched other movies,but I never take pictures of them because I just started doing this today.There's a movie that liked so much since I was 8,9,or 10 years old that I got a couple of weeks ago,and returned it and I should have a taken a picture of it before my mom returned it,but oh well.I will tell you about the movie under it,but I won't tell you all about it because you have to watch it.I have taken a picture of one of my 2 favorite movie and it's under the first picture that I took.Today I will try to start doing art journaling and taking pics of what I did,and will post it in the next post.So I hope you like seeing pictures of movies that I watched and will give you ideas of what you want to see.I wish you all a good morning or a good afternoon or a good night!! :)

    ZooKeeper is a movie about animals what to help Griffin out because he wants to marry a lady called Stephanie,but then she doesn't want to marry him because he's a zookeeper.When they have this dance Stephanie goes out with her ex-boyfriend and Griffin use his zookeeper lady doctor to get Stephanie to marry him.

    Spy Kids All The Time In The World is about when this lady marries a guy that has 2 children and he's a spyhunter and he doesn't know that the stepmom is a spy.When she catch a guy that name Tick Tock she is about to have her baby tomorrow,but then she starts having it today instead of tomorrow.When she goes to the OSS then Tick Tock men goes for the necklace that the stepmom gave to Rebecca(one of her stepchildren)and they go into the panic room and the mom recorded herself and showing herself and saying she's a spy.The stepchildren is helping her out and the stepmom doesn't even own until later on.

    This is a picture of both dvd's that I wanted to show both of them in one picture and seperately too.I hope some of the info I gave you about the movies will encourage you to watch it.I'm not sure is that okay,but I will see what happens.

    Thursday, April 12, 2012

    Reading and Writing

    It's finally working again.I am so happy that it worked that not worked. :(I love blogging,but I want everybody to come to my blog and like it.It seems like nobody likes my blog since after a year.I have also been busy cooking too.Tomorrow I am going to make Fettuccine Alfredo and I will show a picture of it for tomorrow since mostly everybody likes to see pictures than talking. I also didn't make my banner nor did I make the blog buttons.My friend made that for me.I am so lucky to have her do that for me because she is really good at doing it!I have been busy writing letters to my penpals and reading.I usually read history books and fiction books at night time.I love reading so much!I am just loving reading when I get used to it all the time.Why Am I loving reading so much?I think I know the reason is because I wanted to read like my family does and I gave it a try and there I am keep on reading.I got the idea of reading from school and I wasn't very thrill reading,but then I just say to myself you can do it and if you don't like reading then don't do it.Reading educational books are good for your brain and their very educational for homeschooling/school.I have decided to just read a history and fun book everyday so that I can get smarter than what I am now and be educational than stupid.I think reading have been taking over of me for weeks now.This is what I am going to do when  finish a History book then I will tell what it's about,but I won't tell you everything about it because I want you to try to read it on your own then me telling you all about it.I won't show any pics of the History book I am reading now because it probably will spoil the fun of it.I know that everybody likes when bloggers show pics,but I just don't feel like uploading any pics.History is my favorite subject because it's very educational like science and the other subjects too!What is your favorite subject or do you not have a favorite subject?Please comment because I want your thought and I like when I get comments so much!! :)Come on everybody please do the favor I ask you.I know some blogs that don't include pics and they get a few or a lot of comments.If you have any questions to ask me please do ask me please.This blog is maybe for when I do DIY'S and fun crafts!Please grab my button and post them on your lovely blogs!

    Thursday, March 29, 2012

    My Best Friend and penpal

    Last week I have recieved a package from My Best Friend and My Penpal.Wow she is the best friend I ever have!She makes me happy when I recieve her stuff! :)I love having her as my best friend and my penpal.I just love posting things that I get in the mail b/c other bloggers do the same thing.So I hope you adore my pictures I took of everything!Thank you so so much again best friend forever!!Sorry but my postcard I want to upload isn't working and I will try to post the postcard in the envelope soon.

    Wednesday, March 28, 2012

    Writing Courses

    Sorry,but today I not posting any photos b/c I don't very feel in the mood to upload pictures.I have made a list what I am going to do today and hopefully I can do all things on my list.I have went to Creative Writing Now website and they have some interesting ideas for writing stories.There's a list of things you think about to write a story.
    -What is your character name?
    -Where's the setting
    -What's the conflict

    - What's the character's occupation?
    - What's the character's family like?
    - Is the character in a relationship?  What's his or her partner like?
    - What is the character's home like?  His or her neighborhood?
    - Does your character have hobbies? What does he or she enjoy doing?
    - What are your character's greatest strengths?
    - What are his or her greatest weaknesses?
    - What is his/her deepest desire?
    - What is his/her greatest fear?
    - What is something this character desperately wants to change about himself or herself?
    - What is something this character doesn't know about himself or herself?

    I have started writing a story with these questions and guess what there helping me so much!!:)I love trying to write stories and even sometimes reading them too.If I try to type a good story then I will think about probably publishing it as a ebook.Ebooks are basically for anybody to do.It's not just for adults.Everybody thinks that ebooks are just for adults but in reality it's not.Creative Writing Now Website has a free 3 days trial for if you need helping of thinking of how to make a good and enjoyable story!If you ready to write a story then just go to Creative Writing Now website but just search it up in your search engine then you can find the website but if you just type in then it won't work it will probably go to a different website that isn't it.

    Actually instead just don't do what I said here's a link for you it will make it a lot easier for you and me.I hope you tell everybody else about my blog b/c it's just so exciting to know there's a lot of bloggers that come to my blog and don't forget too please follow me I am tempted to get over 100 followers.That's all for today enjoy your day!Get started today.

    Wednesday, March 14, 2012

    Nile River video

    This afternoon I was searching up educational science videos for middle schoolers then I found a link to it and I look at it and there were some good videos for science.They have videos for science,english and math.There's the video I watched already.I think this video is really good about the Nile River.This website can be use for not just for elementary and middle schoolers.Later on I will put this video on my homeschooling page too.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2012

    Socks,Fun Reading Book, vintage camera,and jewelry

    I wanted to take pics of different things that you guys didn't see on my blog before.I have taken pics of socks of different directions,I have taken a picture of a book I am reading right now and it's a good book so far,and I had taken a picture of my mom pearl necklace and my bracelet that I made for her.It is just so fun taking pictures and then posting about them.I can't even believe that I have over 20,000 views on my blog for already 1 year(2010) and almost 2 years since I started blogging.I hope you guys like these pics...I know that I am not very good at taking pics but I am trying my best to take good pics!I have also taken pics of my new socks because when my mom and I went shopping yesterday at a grocery store then by the end of the aisle we look and saw some socks on clearance for 25% off and then they looked beautiful and then we got them.I think that this pair of socks are good for winter because they keep your feet warm.These are a wonderful pair of socks! :)What kind of socks do you like to wear??What I mean is there's fuzzy socks and just regular socks.Thank you for everybody who's reading my posts!!Oh and one more question what is your favorite fun reading book is??I know that I'm not quite sure what is mine is yet.I also taken a picture of a vintage camera because I think vintage cameras are so neat!!I never used it before,but I would like to try to take a picture with it.Does anybody use a vintage camera?

    Thursday, March 1, 2012

    Purses and Old books

    Yesterday evening around 4:30 pm I had decided to take pics of the purses my mom gave me and these 2 old fashion books that I read for homeschooling and I enjoy reading them too.I love reading these old fashion reminds me of being in second grade because when my class and I went to this field trip we being just like the pioneers and we got a old spelling book.I would want to be in the pioneers day then being now.So now on everyday I will post and don't forget on Fridays I will only post one picture.Thanks for everyone reading my posts! :)PS-Please don't mind the pics because I have taken them when the sky was getting dark and was going to rain too.Don't forget too I have a homeschooling page that I have educational stuff.

    Wednesday, February 29, 2012

    Drawing Books,Diary Books,and Food Rules book

    This morning I have taken pics of Drawing Books,Diary Books,and also my science book Food Rules.I have taken a picture of Food Rules book because I want to share the wonderful picture inside it and they also have more wonderful pics inside of it.I love it because I just love how the illustator draw the pics!! :) So here they are...Hope you love them!!Don't you think this picture below is AMAZING!I just love how good she draws! :)

    Tuesday, February 28, 2012

    Winter Weather

    We finally got a lot of snow 2 weeks ago,it was so so beautiful!!The only thing I hate was we didn't have electricity 2 or 3 days and then we got it back on...Yipee!!I love winter only because I love taking pics of the snow outside!!Oh and my mom take the snow pics.I know my mom is good at taking lovely pics! :)Come on Snow,Come Again.

    This photo is from when it was starting to snow.