Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making things

Hi! I change my title of my blog. This is my website: Please bookmark it on your blog. These are my 2 blythe dolls.  Crystal siting on the white chair. Sunflower is siting on the green chair. The names of my 2 blythe dolls are Crystal and Sunflower. Sunflower has blond hair and wear a long dress and wearing a shirt under the dress. Sunflower has blue or black eyes. And Crystal has curly hair and wearing a red long beautiful dress. Crystal has blue eyes and has flowers on her dress. Maybe today or tomorrow I'm going to sew clothes for Crystal and Sunflower. Here's a picture of Crystal by the squash.  This is a picture of Sunflower by the squash. My family and I are thinking to make things and sell them. But we are not sure what we are making just yet. Have A Great Week everyone!

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