Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A trip to the Dentist

Today I went to the Dentist. I was getting scared when they did the needle on my tooth. It really hurt when they did it on me. Actually I was brave because last time I went to the Dentist I had to get a shot. I had to do to 2 cavities. When I went to the one in Virginia close to my home they were really nice. I love my Dentist helpers. I went to the Dentist on November 1st or November 2nd. Now I went today to do the other side of my teeth. They were really nice to me, they ask you if you don't want to see the needle close your eyes tight. They ask me do you want to do the shot or without the needle. Guess which one I picked? I picked the needle because the other one hurt me really badly. They were really friendly too because last time I had to take care of two cavities. When they finish doing my cavities they finish one then they did the other cavity it was hurting really badly. Guess what they did? They said we could do the other cavity next week. That what we did after while.

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  1. You are one brave girl, huh? I know I'm scared of shots.