Monday, November 1, 2010

Washington DC

This picture up here is called the Washington Monument. Its looks pretty cool if you go inside of it. We seen it before when we went to DC last time.We went last Thursday and came back on last Sunday. Our hotel was right by the smithsonian. But the last hotel we went to last time in DC was a lot better than this one. I could see the airport and the river when we look out the window. It looked nice at night time better than during the day. We got to eat at Potbelly's everyday. Its my favorite place to eat at. We don't have a Potbelly's where we live at. We also went to the Science and Engineering Fair. There was a lot of things you could see. For example, we got a lot of seeds to grow next year- pumpkin seeds, tomato seeds, cucumber seeds, and other type of seeds. We got a lot of pencils. We did a few experiments. We got slime, a heart pin that lights up, bracelets, and more things. This was our second trip to Washington DC. I had lots of fun on our trip to DC.

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