Thursday, November 18, 2010

Winter is coming up

I can't wait until winter comes. Winter is nice because all the snow you can sled. OMG that's is really coming up. You're kinding with me get out of here. Winter, Spring and Fall I just love better than Summer. In our backyard we have got lots of leaves its just brothers me because we just did it a few days ago. My whole family and I did our backyard over the weekend. Then it just comes back sooner and later. I hope December won't go by fast. Anyways you knows that all the seasons go by really fast. I just want to take some beautiful pictures of Fall and Winter. It just amaze me how much leaves in our backyard. What seasons do you love the most? I going to try to put Crystal and Sunflower on the sled and coming straight down. That would be really exciting for Crystal and Sunflower.

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