Saturday, January 1, 2011

A new blog

Hello everybody!!
Happy new year eve/day!!
Me,my2 sisters and I did a new blog for 2011 letters.This is the link for our new blog here: 2011 letters.

It have been a week since I have done my blog,here I'm.Here are some goals I'm going to do
2.Make jewerly and sell them online
3.Write a book and sell it
4.Do a girl scout group/meet 6th graders that do homeschooling
5.Do blog every single day
6.Read a book for about 60 mintues
7.Write a review for a book on my blog
8.Book club
If anybody want to write theirs goals for 2011 you are free to write them down.I'm looking for sixth graders that are homeschool will join me for book clubs or a girl scout group/do any kind of a club.(I'm a sixth grader,want kids from sixth grade too),if you will join please comment on my blog,or email me at if you have a different idea please tell me and only if you're interested to join.Have a great new year eve/day!! :)

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