Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Today I'm sad:(

Hello Everybody!!
When I have woke up,went to the bathroom I feel sick, then when I went downstairs my mom,my 16 year old sister was sick,I feel so awful that they got sick.Later on during the day then my 14 year old sister was sick.I don't understand why is everybody getting sick besides me and my day,I feel terrible,I wish that there something that I could do to help my family get better :( I don't want to see my family be sick everyday,I want to see them get better unfortunely,I'm sad seeing my family suffering like this.At night time I will probably get sick,I don't like getting sick,its not so fun getting sick :( I'll keep praying and asking god to help my family get better,not worst.I hope that the next day my family will get better and not going to get sick again.I want to try to help my family to get them better,I hope that I won't get sick after them,that will be a sad day for me :( My family is suffering over a cold,I need to try to help them get better sooner or later.Have a wonderful day to everybody else!Anyone open your eyes we don't have alot of people joining our 2011 letters project,we want to see 2011 letters in the mailbox,we want to lots of good mail everyday :)
Please join our 2011 letters project,look at our blog here,we still need more people to join
I love to see more mail from the mailman,it will make me happy :) I always don't get good mail,I will want to see good mail more often,not junk mail often.

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  1. Aww...I'm sad too! I hope we all get better soon too!