Monday, March 7, 2011

A beautiful sunny day

Wow I can't believe this its sunny and it rained yesterday and the day before too.I will take pictures of Crystal and Sunflower and post it tomorrow since its a beautiful day to take pictures.

This is a picture of Lancing in Michigan

I have visited Lancing in 4th grade and I still have memories of Lancing.I miss Michigan so much that its still my home.One thing that I hate about Virginia is stinkbugs I have been spray 2 times.I rather live with ants than stinkbugs.In Michigan we didn't get stinkbugs we gets ants.Lancing is so nice!I would love to visit Lancing again but actually I can't.At night I always thinking about Michigan and all the good memories we had in our home.You know what I really want to do go back to Michigan and see all my friends and my old teachers that I had.I left Michigan 2 years ago and I do want to go back there if I get the chance to.This is the website for what elementary school I went to in Michigan:
This is my best elementary school that I went to.I love it a lot and its better than Oak Grove in Virginia.I met all my friends at Miller.
Have a great day!!

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