Thursday, March 3, 2011

Photos of Crystal and Sunflower

Today was a nice day where I'm living at.At 1:14 in the afternoon I have went outside and my mom have tooked these pictures for me she is so nice to do this for me.I want to start doing new pictures and not doing the same things like always.I need some ideas what else I can do with Crystal and Sunflower.Now on I will start posting about Crystal and Sunflower like everyday if I'm not so busy.I love to do blogs and be creative like popular blogs.I'm not so good at are journaling and my family thinks that I'm good at art journaling but if you see me draw you will probably think that I draw good.I would want to tell you more about "Crystal and Sunflower".

Facts about Crystal:
1)She loves to dress in pretty dresses
2)She loves when its Sunny to take pictures of herself
3)She wants to get friends like Sunflower

Facts about Sunflower:
1)She loves to take pictures with her friends and Loves playing outside the most
2)She loves to READ Blythe NewsPaper
3)She loves to do hairstyles and want her hair to be CURLY

These are great pictures!Thank you mom for taking these great pictures!!Say thanks to my mom for these great pictures!!I wish that I could take super good pictures like she does,sometimes I do but sometimes I don't.Tomorrow afternoon I will take more photos and my mom will uploaded them.I wish that I could get popular and get a lot of comments and that will make me happy!!!

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  1. These pictures are so great! I think your mom needs own blythe doll :) What is your mom's favourite blythe?