Friday, March 18, 2011

Pictures of Crystal and Sunflower

Hi.I am sorry that I haven't posted but now I am.I hope that you will enjoy these beautiful pictures!

I just love these pictures!Thanks Kati for the dress,socks and dress!I very appreciate it!Crystal looks great in that outfit!


  1. Semeeah, get better soon! I love you! (^v^)

    I love your Blythe dolls! Crystal and Sunflower are the cutest Blythe! I wish I had one like yours :(

  2. Hi Semeeah! This skirt fits perfect for Crystal! Nice pics! Your girls are very pretty :)

  3. hi my name is molly I live in new zealand I'm homeschooled too . molly:)

  4. Hello Molly!
    My name is Semeeah I'm a 12 year old homeschooled girl but be turning 13 soon in December.I live in Roanoke,Virginia.Do you have a email address?If you do you could email me at:
    Have a great day Molly!