Saturday, April 23, 2011

Crystal, Sunflower and our new blythe doll

This just a lovely day for me.The sun is just shining and its just a perfect weather!Yesterday it was raining and I hate when it rains.When it rains I be unhappy, but when its sunny it makes me happy!These are 3 pictures that I took inside the house.

These are just lovely photos!We have a very neat camera.We also used it when we go to the trips like Washington DC.That camera is very good at taking good pictures than a regular camera.I love taking pictures of random things.I rather take pictures than just standing around the house.It gets pretty boring if I don't do anything around the house.I been having this pretty table for 7 months already.My mom and day got this pretty table from TJMAXX.TJMAXX sometimes have got things but sometimes they don't have any cute things.TJMAXX is mostly where I get most of my things from like for example:
bed sheets,pillows sheets and comforter,table,clothes,little dolls and other things.The only store I probably like is TJMAXX but there no other store that I very like in Virginia.I hate going to TJMAXX with my family but sometimes there somethings I like.Happy weekend!
Here is a website of the camera.Go to:

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  1. What type of blythe doll is your new blythe doll??? And what did you name her???