Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lovely Blythe Photos

(Blythe Photos part 1)I have taken good pictures while I was outside in the beautiful weather.I am so glad that my mom and dad got me blythe dolls.I love blythe dolls a lot!I am even attach to them.I always have some good ideas where I can put them at to take the picture.My family always stay home,we don't very do anything fun.If I'm bored I just write to my penpals that I have.I just miss Michigan because they a lot to do like for example: Going to Canton Public Library is my favorite library to go.At Canton Public Library you can go on the couputers and do whatever you want to do.We sometimes go to Plymouth District Library their sometimes parties going on for the summer reading program.In summer we always do summer reading program because you earn some great prizes!I think that when I keep reading then I will think that reading is so much fun and exciting!What are your plains for today and Sunday?Where do you live?I just wondering because probably there so much things to see and learn about that we will get a chance to visit there some day.I haven't very doing my blog very often because I have to wait for the perfect weather to come so I can take good pictures.Ok now I show you the pictures.This summer my blythe dolls be reading a book outside while the wind is blowing.

Tomorrow I will post part 2.These all Spring photos.

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  1. Just gorgeous! I hope to get a blythe doll for my birthday. Yours are lovely.