Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Things from TJMAXX,Hobby Lobby,Barnes & Nobles

These are things that I got from TJMAXX,Hobby Lobby,Barnes & Nobles.My favorite craft store in Michigan is Hobby Lobby.Check out Hobby Lobby website here.I love doing doing crafts,art journaling and anything else that related to crafts.Hobby Lobby did have some pretty good crafts items.The department store I like is TJMAXX.The bookstores I like are Barnes & Nobles and Borders.In Virginia we do have Borders bookstore in the mall and that is it.I miss our Borders because it looked pretty nice and it even better than our Barnes & Nobles.I always remember when I get off of school at 3:30 pm my mom and I went to Borders real quickly and look at things and they have and they have good books,sketchbooks and other neat stuff.When we do art journaling that the sketchbook I use from Borders.

The above photos are my dolls that I got at TJMAXX in Virginia.

The above photo is a Girls Rule sign that I got from Hobby Lobby in Michigan.

The above photo and below photos are tote bags for going on trips.These bags are just wonderful!I have pack my clothes and stuff like that when we went to Washington DC spending 3-4 days.

The above photos shows all the bags altogether.

The above photos goes with my dolls because it showing that kind of doll I have.My mom got this from Barnes & Nobles bookstore.PS-Don't forget about my giveaway it still going on until May 4th at 7:45 pm EST.

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