Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer photos part 3

I forgot to post the other pictures my mom and I took outside too.I hope you enjoy them!!


  1. Cute photos!! I love the little woollen pink and yellow baby thing!! Where'd you get it? And also, what type of blythe dolls are Crystal and Sunflower?? :)

    xx Cady :)

  2. Hello Semeeah!
    I really like the photos you took! And I ADORE the outfit the brown-haired (Is it Crystal or Sunflower? I keep getting messed up!) is wearing! It's SOOO awesome!
    -X- Pixe Girl

  3. Hey Semeeah, I have made your blog signature and emailed it to you. Please check your email. Hope you like it!! :)

    xx Cady! :)

  4. The photos are SO cute! LOVE the hats!!

    Ivy xoxoxo