Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lalaloopsy Dolls

We have got 1 big lalaloopsy and mini lalaloopsy.They are so cute!I am so glad that my mom got them!I love them so much!Here are some pictures of them including with my blythe dolls too.The mini lalaloopsy are on a ferris wheel.In the second picture they are holding hands!In the fifth picture the mini lalaloopsy is sneaking gumballs!In the sixth picture the mini lalaloopsy is wondering what time it is!The seventh picture the mini lalaloopsy is shopping for a party!In the eighth picture they are relaxing on the couch.In the ninth picture the big lalaloopsy is taking a nap and she doesn't want anybody to disturb her.In the tenth picture the mini lalaloopsy are holding hands!In the eleventh picture they are about to sing a song!In the last picture Zoey comes to join them!I hope you enjoy these beautiful pictures!

If anybody have any lalaloopsy dolls for sale please comment below.

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  1. After searching the web trying to find a list of all the mini lalaloopsys I just decided to add it to the fan wiki when I couldn't find one. (if allows anybody to edit)Should be a complete list. Good luck collecting :)