Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Writing Courses

Sorry,but today I not posting any photos b/c I don't very feel in the mood to upload pictures.I have made a list what I am going to do today and hopefully I can do all things on my list.I have went to Creative Writing Now website and they have some interesting ideas for writing stories.There's a list of things you think about to write a story.
-What is your character name?
-Where's the setting
-What's the conflict

- What's the character's occupation?
- What's the character's family like?
- Is the character in a relationship?  What's his or her partner like?
- What is the character's home like?  His or her neighborhood?
- Does your character have hobbies? What does he or she enjoy doing?
- What are your character's greatest strengths?
- What are his or her greatest weaknesses?
- What is his/her deepest desire?
- What is his/her greatest fear?
- What is something this character desperately wants to change about himself or herself?
- What is something this character doesn't know about himself or herself?

I have started writing a story with these questions and guess what there helping me so much!!:)I love trying to write stories and even sometimes reading them too.If I try to type a good story then I will think about probably publishing it as a ebook.Ebooks are basically for anybody to do.It's not just for adults.Everybody thinks that ebooks are just for adults but in reality it's not.Creative Writing Now Website has a free 3 days trial for if you need helping of thinking of how to make a good and enjoyable story!If you ready to write a story then just go to Creative Writing Now website but just search it up in your search engine then you can find the website but if you just type in then it won't work it will probably go to a different website that isn't it.

Actually instead just don't do what I said here's a link for you it will make it a lot easier for you and me.I hope you tell everybody else about my blog b/c it's just so exciting to know there's a lot of bloggers that come to my blog and don't forget too please follow me I am tempted to get over 100 followers.That's all for today enjoy your day!Get started today.

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