Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Reading and Crosswords Puzzle Book

These are the books I am currently reading now.I have also taken a picture of my crosswords puzzle that I do at night.I love crosswords puzzle because it help you get smart and you won't forget any words when you grow old.I been having this crosswords puzzle book since 2010 and I wanted to start using it again.Isn't amazing what books they make so you can get smart.Getting smart is like you can tell somebody anything that you learned and they will tell another people what you said to them.Don't forget please post 1 or any of my buttons on your blog.I want to get more visitors on my blog.The book anne of avonlea is a lot different than road to avonlea series and I still like Road To Avonlea than Anne Of Avonlea book.Reading books are usually are fun!When I started reading I thought that it was boring,but when I kept on reading then I thought that it isn't so bad then I thought it was.The Crosswords Puzzle Book I got at a bookstore called Barnes & Nobles,they sell some awesome and cute stuff!I love awesome and cute stuff so much!!

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