Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Drawing Pictures

Don't you think that its fun to draw pictures and collect them so that when you're older than you can remember those memories you had when you were a kid. Yesterday I starting drawing pictures of different things so I can put it in a book and remember what I draw when I was a kid. I love drawing things. When I get older I maybe be a fashion designer. I love to sew clothes and design you own clothes and how you want it to design it is your idea. When I finish drawing my pictures I will maybe paste them to my blog.

I love to be a artist too. Its so fun that you could do a lot of fun exciting things in life besides doing nothing at all. My family thinks that I'm a good drawer. And I think that I draw better than in comic books. Have A Great Week!


  1. Hi! Great that you collect your drawnigs. I don't have much memories from my childhood because my mother throw them away... That's sad! I like to collect my son's toys, clothes and everything else. It's nice that my son will have memories of his chilhood when he is bigger :)hugs!