Monday, November 29, 2010


On a another day I have went on kids national geographic and I have saw a new book called Little House in the highlands. I  had thought for a second omega. Today I had went to Barnes and Nobles and guess what happen? I didn't even see the book at all. When I had came home and check out there website then it said out of stock.And I said to myself that a lot of people maybe love that book.It seems that its very popular now days.

I'm homeschooled with my 2 sisters.I was homeschooled since in preschooled.My first day at school was in first grade.Then I went back to homeschooling in 6th grade.Where I'm living at this school doesn't know very much like in Michigan they do.I have spent 1 year in Virginia so far, pretty soon 2 years in Virginia.When I have moved to Virginia I still miss my friends in Michigan. I'm thinking that you are wondering I'm talking about Michigan.I'm talking about Michigan because that where I used to live.I had live in Michigan for a few years by now. When you move somewhere then you have to meet new people. Like I have to meet new different people. And its actually is kind of hard meeting new people. In Virginia there weren't very a lot of nice and really kind to you. But its okay to miss your friends where you used to live at. I had to move on with my life, but I still had miss my best friends. I always have been thinking about my best friends in Michigan and all the things I had done in Michigan. I hope one day my family can go back to Michigan and see our friends again. One day we will go back to Michigan. So far I have thinking about all the fun I had. Instead of remembering all the fun you had you should try to have fun where you are now. Ask you this question first: Before you even move think about all the fun memories you had in this house. The next question is: Try to write down all the fun and exciting things you have done.

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