Friday, December 3, 2010

I love fridays

I went to the store named TJMAXX and guess what I have found.I have found Sketchers Shape-Ups.They are so neat.I wish that I could take a picture of them but its too cloudy to take pictures.Me and my mom were looking at them because me and her like Sketchers Shape-Ups a lot.My sister kind of have the exact same Shape-Ups but she doesn't have them.The brand she has is called are Tones.Will it kind of the same as Sketchers Shape-Ups but they aren't.The Sketchers Shape-Ups we have got are these.It mostly cost a lot of money on Sketchers website but its a lot cheaper in the store.I can't believe me and my mom almost fit the same size.I fit a 8.5 and my mom fits a 9.My 2 sisters fit a 7.5 and a 6.5 or something like that I believe but I'm not very sure.I love these kind of Sketchers boots.Here's a picture of the Sketchers boots.I really do love these Sketchers boots.And here are snowpants with those boots.I hope you enjoy your lovely weekend!!:)


  1. Really nice boots Semeeah!!! I like that style. Happy weekend you too!

  2. Hi Semeeah,

    Have a very Happy Birthday on Tuesday.

    lots of love and best wishes from Soggibottom Cottage. Good luck with your giveaway bear entry :-) x x x