Friday, February 18, 2011

Be excited today

I'm posting pictures of things that Kati have sent me.I know that I have not been doing my blog lately.I'm always just so busy catching up on things.When we go outside I will take more pictures of Crystal and Sunflower.In the pictures are my moomin stuff animals and a moomin towel.I have got moomin stuff animal and the moomin towel yesterday.Kiitos Kati for all the stuff!!
Kiitos means thanks in Finnish language.

If you don't know what the names of my moomin stuff animals are I will tell you again.The names are moomin on the left and snorkmaiden on the right side.Now I'm collecting a collection of moomin things and that's good.Come back later this time and I will post pictures of Sunflower and Crystal.Whoever commenting on my blog thanks I really appreciate it very much!!


  1. Ole hyvä Semeeah! I'm happy you love them. Your Moomins looks cute together.

  2. That looks like really cool stuff!