Sunday, February 13, 2011

Crystal and Sunflower

Hi!Friday was just a beautiful day outside and I took pictures of Crystal and Sunflower together.I have tooked all the pictures in our backyard...I hate our backyard because when summer comes then we always get thorns and we have to watch out while we play up the hill.That's really sucks :(I have got a thorn in our backyard on my leg and its really hurts when I went down the hill :(These are really good pictures that I took.I really didn't do anything on the weekend the only thing I did is play on our play station when my sister.I really don't have plans for weekends.What did you do on your weekend?


  1. That's nice to see the sun was shining for you too!!! I had a great weekend because I was together with Ari and I only slept, made blueberry pie and watched TV. I also found pink slippers I was looking for and I was wearing them all the evening yesterday and today! They are so nice and warm. Your photos are great! I love the one with birds a lot!

  2. wow! You are 12?? You take great pictures! I sent your family a letter for you 2011 letters project and I was just looking through your blog there and found this!!!