Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I had a earthquake

Hi everybody,
My family and I had a earthquake today.Wow I was so scared :( My family and I are so lucky that we are not living in Colorado because they had a big earthquake.All of the eastern side had a earthquake.My family and I are so lucky that we didn't lose our home.All of the news are talking about that we had a earthquake. :( We have never had a earthquake and but in Michigan my mom said that while she was sleeping she notice the bed was shaking and it was a small earthquake.I am so relieved that my family and I are still alive.If you want to leave a comment you can.


  1. Hi Semeeah,

    Wow you had an earthquake! That's so sad :( My Nana had an earthquake :( she is in New Zealand.

    Ivy xoxoxo

  2. Hi Semeeah!

    Whoa! AN earthquake! There's been lot's of earthquakes recently in Christchurch in New Zealand, but none where I am.

    SOOOOOOOOOO glad you are OK!! It must have been very scary!! :(

  3. Hi Semeeah
    An Earth quake sounds pretty scary. Lucky it was only a small one!
    I was watching the news and I saw it. Must've been pretty scary!

  4. scary! I'm so glad you're well and has only been a scare!

  5. Hi,

    I heard it on the news today in The Netherlands! Must be weird to think about it! I'm glad everything is okay with u =]!

    I've also heard your country is getting trouble tomorrow. Something about Irene =O!

    xx Katy

  6. Hi!
    I didnt feel the earth quake and Im so happy that you are ok! But, Im very scared for Irene! Are you?

  7. Hey Semeeah!

    I'm so relieved you and your family are OK!
    I hope this is the end of all the earthquakes
    and volcanoes and tornado and tsunamis and
    god knows what else!

    -X- Pixie Girl

  8. Hello Seemeah!!

    I hope you are all okay now!!

    I saw on Blythe Kingdom you were looking for people to interview on your blog and I was wondering if you wanted to interview me? You don't have to, I just thought you might of wanted to!

    Love from Emily oxoxoxox