Sunday, September 25, 2011


Pretty soon when I post the photos of my new blythe dolls I be also posting them on flickr.I be also posting pictures of my favorites too.My account is called Blythe Doll Lover too.This is a customize blythe doll that is the same as Sunflower.I would like to customize her just like that.She is called Beautiful Wandering Peasant.Thanks for everyone looking at my blog.I will be making a new banner and button too.


  1. Hey Semeeah!!!

    YAAAYY!! I can't wait to see them!

    ♥ cady

  2. p.s. could you please give a link to your flickr? I can't find it!!

    ♥ Cady

  3. Hi Semeeeah

    Wow new Blythe dolls that's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! I got a new Blythe too!! I'll post about her soon!

    Love Ivy xoxoxox