Sunday, October 2, 2011

My other new blythe

Ok...I have already showed you one of my new blythe dolls.Here is the next one.Before you look at the picture guess what kind of blythe doll it is??Guess??I'm not so sure what kind of blythe doll it is.I'm sorry but if you do know please comment and tell me thanks!Also please help me give her a name.


  1. Her name should be Violet or Viola. Wait maybe Lilac?

  2. She looks like a customised Simply Thumpty Thump! And I think you should call her Berrie!!

  3. Hey Semeeah, I think she is a custom Simply Thumpty Thump too. Well at least she has a Thumpty Thump scalp!

    Some names could be Viola, Leah, Tiarne, Blossom, October and Genie.

  4. Hi Semeeah :D

    I think she looks like a Zoe, Ella, or Holly, or maybe Layla!!!!

    Love Ivy xoxoxo