Sunday, October 16, 2011

Semeeah's Savings

I will post a Blythe Etsy Shop Owners.Anne and her sister both signed up to do my awesome interview.Anne was also worked at Canton Public Library that I always went to,but I never meet her.I have found her on Blythe Kingdom and on her blog here.Anne and Susan makes dresses and costumes.Ok now on to the the way please click the post to see the other questions and answers.Here is Anne and Susan Etsy Shop.
1.(Semeeah)Can you tell us a little about yourself?
Anne: I'm Anne, and I'm a librarian by day. In my spare time, I like to garden, sew, knit, play with our two Boston Terriers, watch movies, and read. I have a lot of hobbies!

Susan: My name is Susan and I love being crafty!  Our mom taught me to sew and I started out sewing stuffed animals and clothes for them.  Since then I've enjoyed sewing for myself, for dolls, and even for my dogs.

2.(Semeeah)When did you get your first blythe doll?
Susan: I decided to get my first Blythe after I saw the fun and success Anne was having making and selling clothes for hers.

Anne: I got my first Blythe in the fall of 2009, after admiring the clothing that my librarian friend MorganAnnie was making.

3.(Semeeah)When did you start sewing blythe clothes?
Anne: Pretty much right after I got my first Blythe. I ended up traveling to Florida to visit Susan right away, so we set about making her a dress immediately.

Susan: As soon as I got my doll in the mail!  I unwrapped her and went straight into CraftyTown to sew.  What fun!

4.(Semeeah)Do you make anything else for blythes?
Susan: I've dabbled a little in beaded jewelry for Blythe and I also make fairy and dragon wings for her.

Anne: I knit as well as sew for Blythe, and I have also made some little pets for Blythe - I call them beasties.

5.(Semeeah)Can you tell us about your blythe dolls?
Anne: I have four now! My first was Willow, a Prima Dolly Ashlette who is pretty much stock. Then an Internet friend of mine mentioned she was thinking of selling her Mademoiselle Rosebud, so I bought her and she is now called Dahlia (she's also stock). When MorganAnnie was ready to find a new home for her Ellis, a Rainy Day Parade slight custom by SquirrelJunkie, I couldn't resist! And finally, I just got a newly customized girl, a Prima Dolly Aubrey who now has a full mohair reroot by Supervelma and has been sanded, so she'll photograph nicely. I've named her Ash - I really need to get some photos up of her, but she's so brand new that I haven't had a chance yet.

Susan: I have one Blythe doll named Fern.  She is a Milky Way Sugar and my favorite thing about her is her gray eye chips (which led to her name Fern Frost).  I hope someday to add to my collection and maybe even modify Fern a little with some different eye colors.

6.(Semeeah)How do you like running a shop with your sister?
Susan: I really enjoy sharing a shop with Anne.  She started the AnneArchy shop just about the time I moved from Michigan to Florida so its been a way to stay connected even though we are quite a distance apart.

Anne: What Susan said! It's a great way for us to stay connected, and it's really fun to cooperate and inspire each other.

7.(Semeeah)What is your favorite style for your blythe dolls?
Anne: This is hard to choose! I like so many different styles. For my own Blythes, I tend toward dark colors (same as me in real life) and jewel tones. But one of the things I like so much about making Blythe clothing is that I can experiment with ANY style, not just the ones that I would wear myself.

Susan: I think I like the party dress style the most.  I like how easy it is to add a belt or other fun embellishments, and they style changes so much just by changing the length of the dress. 

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Thank you Anne and Susan for doing my Blythe Etsy Shop Interview!! :)


  1. Thank you for interviewing us! :)

  2. Hi Semeeah! It was great to read your interview with Anne and Susan--I absolutely love their work and am happy to know Anne through our work together in the Blythe Swap group. I also am happy to have one of the most beautiful dresses I've ever seen in their shop! I look forward to our upcoming interview :)