Saturday, October 29, 2011

Vinter Arden

I have got my final and last blythe doll...I haven't gotten a name for her just yet,but if any of you have a name for her just let me know.In 1 or 2 photos she is wearing her pj's,and I have put fabric on top of her pj's and that why you can't see her pj's,but in the other photos she is wearing a different dress.I REALLY do LOVE her!!Wow I know somebody that has the same blythe doll it is is so weird that the doll name Vinter and it means Winter and my birthday is in Winter too.PS-I will be posting a picture each friday and not write anything.Amanda Soule and Heather both do it.



  1. Hi Semeeah!!

    Awwww Your Vinter Arden is SO CUTE!!!
    Maybe you could name her something to do with Winter, like Holly, Belle, Dove, Neve, Natalia, Christabel???

    Love Ivy xoxoxo

  2. Hi Semeeah!!

    I really like your VInter Arden she is so cute!!!! I think you could call her Minty? Crystal? Lilly? I don't know! Good Luck finding a name!

    Zalia xxx