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Semeeah's Savings

Phillaine started a etsy shop and her clothes are cheap!!Her shop will be open on Halloween.Thank you Phillaine for joining Semeeah's Savings!!Phillaine blythe clothes are $13.00 each.Phillaine customize people blythe dolls.This is her blog and shop and but she doesn't have any clothes on her etsy shop just yet because she be opening on October 31st.This is her answers for the interview.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi!  I'm 29 years old and currently self-employed, mostly keeping busy with Blythe dolls and the friends I've made throughout the Blythe community, as well as my personal family and friends.  I have gone through many careers, and don't find it necessary or interesting to stick with just one: some of these include waitress, chef's assistant, baker, candlestick maker (for real), lighting and sound technician, deli worker, pharmacy technician, bridal consultant (the most pure fun and drama-laden other than teaching), insurance agent, and elementary school teacher (the most challenging, fun, trying, and interesting by far).  I love to do just about anything that is creative and challenging.  I have been photographing and customizing Blythe dolls since 2009, rerooting them since 2010, and started handpainting eyechips for them this year; I am just moving into making my own designs for their clothing and opening my etsy clothing shop, Cover Your Dolly, on Halloween.  I also run a Blythe photo group on flickr as well as the Blythe swap group on flickr and Blythe Kingdom.  I LOVE putting together swap and gift packages, and am going into my 7th month of administrating the group!  I also love to collaborate with other artists whenever I get the chance.  For instance, Sadi (Blythefairy) has done mohair reroots for 2 of my custom commissioned dolls, and I've used special eyechips made by Zaloa (Amy) and Ana Karina in some of my own Blythe dolls as well as my custom commissioned dolls.  
When did you get your first blythe doll?
 My first Blythe doll was a Punkaholic People Blythe that I still have (though I've customized her quite a bit!) named Amelia, who I got as a gift (someone noticed I'd been researching them!) in the fall of 2009.  She had been my number one pick within my price range, and it wasn't long before I adopted Ava and Shannon through Plastic Paradise (now Blythe Kingdom).  
 When did you start sewing blythe clothes?
The first dress I ever made was right after I got my first doll, because I wanted her to have something else to wear right away.  I just cut it right out of fabric without a pattern or anything.  It was a simple a-line dress with some spiderweb ribbon; it was fun and it worked, but was NOT the best dress.  Later on, I went to and found an easy dress pattern for one of the swaps and made my first doll dress from a pattern ;)  I've made a few things here and there for Blythe swaps, but I've been sewing more complete outfits in the past months, and have designed a few of my own patterns as well as adapting others to fit more the way I'd like or to change their style.   
 Do you make anything else for blythes?
I like to handpaint eyechips for them.  I've done a few very thick saran reroots, but they're very hard on my hands and time-consuming, so I prefer the customizing and sewing work.  I've made a little roombox to take photos of the girls and the clothes I make, and will probably work more on that as well.  I would LOVE to make dollhouse miniatures for them if I had a dollhouse.  As far as clothing goes, I'd like to see how I like crocheting some things for Blythe dolls in the future as well.    
 Can you tell us about your blythe dolls?
Amelia is a Punkaholic People Blythe doll.  I customized her recently, and she's sort of inspired by Joan Jett.  She has a "twin" who is the most recent addition to the family, an edgy Punkaholic named Spice.  Reggie is a Piccadilly Dolly EBL, and probably my most "famous" Blythe doll.  She's known for her quirky fashion sense, always wanting to help out, and only wearing flippers rather than shoes.  Nico is a beautiful Asian Butterfly EBL who always looks very surprised and curious and shy.  My Rouge Noir EBL was named Lightning McQueen by my then-4-year-old nephew and Godson, and she's the model for one of my upcoming collections.  My Mod Molly, Shannon, is the only doll I've adopted out  and then adopted back because I missed her so much and her new mom was a complete sweetheart!  She has that sweet SBL smile, and is my little ray of sunshine.  Maggie is a beautiful Primadolly Ebony who came from the same friend as Shannon did--she has an adorable a-line haircut with bangs that my friend gave her.  I got Gadget, a Simply Sparkly Spark, for my birthday this year--I was in love with her hair color and can't wait to customize her!   My Cappuccino Chat RBL is in pieces, being customized by my favorite customizer, Zaloa (Amy) while I paint some new eyechips for her.  Elliott, my primadolly Peach, is the most rare of my dolls, as Takara only made 500 primadolly Peach dolls.  I thought she would be too pretty for me (I really like the quirky or edgy girls), but she really seems to have some attitude :)   Finally, Arisu and Ava are a Simply Lilac and a Primadolly Saffy with a boil perm who I adore,  but both belong to my roommate (but I play with them more than he does!).  I would ideally like to have about 5 or 7 dolls, but you can see why it's hard to choose! 

Do  you have a discount code for your etsy shop??Thanks again for joining! :)
Your readers can use the discount code SEMEEAH13 for an extra 13 percent off of the already discounted 13 available $13 outfits at my grand opening on Halloween!  

PS-If you would you like me to interview you please leave a comment on my blog and include your email address!!Thanks! :)

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