Saturday, November 5, 2011

Inside the house photos

Last Sunday I taken some photos inside the house while it was sunny.The photos came out beautiful!I didn't post them since I'm very busy doing my work on the weekdays.These pictures came out really good then some of my other pictures.The picures were taken in the living room and in the dining room.Sometimes if I go outside to take them they don't come out what I expected they were but its okay.

My mom newest blythe sitting on the end table.

My mom blythe on the left and me and my mom blythe on the right and her name is Sundae.

My mom newest blythe sitting by the window.
Rose sitting by the window.

Sundae closing her eyes by the window.
Cordial loves her dress!

My mom new blythe on the left,Zoey in the middle,and Cordial on the right.

Zoey loves her dress with her green eyes.I really do need to change her eye color than leaving it just green.

Sundae closing her eyes with Rose.

Sundae is just so tired from me taking pictures of her.

My mom newest blythe staring at our table.
Sundae relaxing on our table.

My mom newest blythe with me and my mom blythe on the table.
I will be doing a different post because this is just too many photos for just one post.My mom also got a customized blythe made by Melacacia and we will be taking pictures of her shortly.


  1. I LOVE your pictures Semeeah! And you and your mum's blythe doll are SO CUTE too!!!!

  2. Your dolls are lovely Semeeah!

  3. Sundae is very pretty girl! Wonderful photos Semeeah!

  4. oh my goodness! i keep coming back to your blog over and over again! I want a blythe doll! I do, I do! I want to start collecting them!! Where do you get yours?