Monday, November 28, 2011

Talking About Life

I will not be posting any photos today...I will just talk about life.Life is so wonderful and amazing!I love going outdoors because the wind is blowing and you can see all the beautiful leaves there are and there are beautiful flowers!The only thing I hate to see is rain.That is just so boring and but without rain plants can't survive.They need light and rain.They grow by rain.I can't just go outside and take some beautiful and amazing photos while its raining.I remember in 4th grade my class and I went outdoors and start writing down poems about nature and we can look around us to see what lovely things there are.I need to start doing that again and show it on this blog.I am trying to be more creative on my blog then just just showing pictures and being inspritation!With my art work sometimes they don't come out what I want it to be.I would like to share a poem about life.Try to image my poem about life.Example: Life is Wonderful.When I rise my hands up in the air the wind start blowing on towards them.The apples and pears falling down the trees and while its blowing on them.All the leaves falling down the trees while the wind start blowing on them too.The clouds are gray in the blue sky.I can feel the movement of the trees starting to just fall down by itself.Enjoy my lovely poem!If you have any thoughts about life I would like to hear them someday and if you would like to show me your art you can give me a link to your blog only if you put your art on there.

Every week I will probably talk about life now on.It just so amazing how much good things there are in life!!And on Fridays now on only a picture that's it.

I am still looking for sign-ups for my Nature Project and if you know someone else that would like to join just give them my email address or my blog to comment.

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