Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Pictures on my older sister and I new Nikon Camera

On Saturday me and my older sister got our own camera and it is so AMAZING!No more taking pictures on my mom's camera.The Nikon Camera is the newest one they made and the pictures come out lovely! :) Before we got this one I wish that we knew how to do videos on my mom's camera.That would be awesome.On the Nikon Camera we know how to do videos.I need to try to do a video on my blythe dolls and post it on my flickr and my blog too.This Nikon Camera also has a lense cap that who you want to take it off then it will just hang by the string that is connected to it.My mom's camera can't do that like this but oh well that is life.Please do leave a comment on my blog and your blog address as well.Thanks for everyone who looking at my blog!It is so awesome to know what countries are looking at my loving blog.I am still interesting in any 12 years old girls penpals and if you would like to write to me just email me and I will send you my address.You can also check out my flickr to see me and my mom's blythe dolls.Don't forget I have a project I am still doing called Nature Seasons Weather.It is a project that I collect journals from all the world that you talk about nature,seasons,and weather in your journal and (include pictures too).

In these photos 3 of the blythe dolls are new and their are my mom's blythe and I adore them!I try to upload more pics on my flickr when I get a chance to do.I also found a great blog called Cutify My World.She takes good pics of her blythe and she also makes hangers for her blythe clothes and that is AMAZING!And she also upload pics on her flickr and her flickr is on her blog.Please check that blog out.


  1. Awwww you are so sweet Semeeah! :) Thanks for the feature.

    I'm also using Nikon camera. It's a D90 model. Your pictures using your new camera are really good. Keep it up and I hope to see more lovely photos of your dolls here and in flickr. :D

    I emailed you, btw. :D

  2. Aww, I want a Nikon camera too....:) Wonderful pictures, and your dolls are just SO beautiful!! I would LOVE to be your pen-pal, but I'm not 12, my email address is on your Nature Seasons Weather blog :D :D

    Ivy xxx

  3. Thank you so much for both of you commenting on my blog! :) Aileen I am going to email you back later on the day.I have checked my nature seasons and weather blog and you didn't leave a comment and but you can post your email address on this blog.Thanks again!! :)

  4. Those are so perfect photos Semeeah! I'm so happy you got the new camera. We have two cameras, Nikon and Panasonic. I can't use Nikon well yet. It's newer and better. Have a nice week! :) Keep taking pretty photos!

  5. Hi I would love!!!!! to be your penpal!!!! My names charlotte nice to meet you x

    I love blythe

  6. Just wanted to add my email is on my profile I think! I am 12 to I am in year 8. Your home schooled right? I wish!