Thursday, March 1, 2012

Purses and Old books

Yesterday evening around 4:30 pm I had decided to take pics of the purses my mom gave me and these 2 old fashion books that I read for homeschooling and I enjoy reading them too.I love reading these old fashion reminds me of being in second grade because when my class and I went to this field trip we being just like the pioneers and we got a old spelling book.I would want to be in the pioneers day then being now.So now on everyday I will post and don't forget on Fridays I will only post one picture.Thanks for everyone reading my posts! :)PS-Please don't mind the pics because I have taken them when the sky was getting dark and was going to rain too.Don't forget too I have a homeschooling page that I have educational stuff.


  1. I also like old books. Your purses are so pretty!

    1. Hi Kati!Since I was 10 years old I started liking old books and I wanted my mom to homeschool me with these books.Oh and thank you for saying my purses are so pretty!You want to know something my mom didn't get it at Juicy Couture(it's the expensive brand of the purse),she got it at a regular store like Marshalls or TJMAXX.Hope you enjoyed reading my posts!