Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Socks,Fun Reading Book, vintage camera,and jewelry

I wanted to take pics of different things that you guys didn't see on my blog before.I have taken pics of socks of different directions,I have taken a picture of a book I am reading right now and it's a good book so far,and I had taken a picture of my mom pearl necklace and my bracelet that I made for her.It is just so fun taking pictures and then posting about them.I can't even believe that I have over 20,000 views on my blog for already 1 year(2010) and almost 2 years since I started blogging.I hope you guys like these pics...I know that I am not very good at taking pics but I am trying my best to take good pics!I have also taken pics of my new socks because when my mom and I went shopping yesterday at a grocery store then by the end of the aisle we look and saw some socks on clearance for 25% off and then they looked beautiful and then we got them.I think that this pair of socks are good for winter because they keep your feet warm.These are a wonderful pair of socks! :)What kind of socks do you like to wear??What I mean is there's fuzzy socks and just regular socks.Thank you for everybody who's reading my posts!!Oh and one more question what is your favorite fun reading book is??I know that I'm not quite sure what is mine is yet.I also taken a picture of a vintage camera because I think vintage cameras are so neat!!I never used it before,but I would like to try to take a picture with it.Does anybody use a vintage camera?

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