Thursday, April 19, 2012

Home Decorating book,a art journaling book,tools,and a handwriting book

Yesterday my mom got in a home decorating book,art journaling book,tools(pens and color pencils),and finally a handwriting book.When I look inside the books they were just so great to have and to use.These things are really amazing!Later on today if I don't forget to my sister and I are going to art journaling this afternoon.I keep on saying,but I'm just busy that I forget things sometimes.I will show you a few pages in the art journaling book,2 pages in the handwriting book,and 2 pages of the home decorating book.I know these are a lot of pictures,but they are worth it.I know that there's a few or mostly people that loves to see blogs that has pics then no pics.Have a great day to everyone!I love blogging so much!!!!! :)

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