Thursday, May 3, 2012

Old Shows DVD'S

I know it today is 2 weeks since I did my blog.My mom buy some old shows dvd's at amazon and I decided to show what shows she got.Their 3 old shows dvd's that I have never seen before I think.My mom watch a show called Hazel when she was a kid and she liked it!And I'm so excited that we can get these ones instead of borrowing them at the library.Most of them probably aren't at our library.Our library sometimes don't have a few old shows and that very sucks. :( Oh,well.I love watching old shows with my family & by myself!These old shows are FUNNY!I like when shows are FUNNY,but I don't like them when their really stupid.I love collecting old shows dvd's.My favorite shows are Road To Avonlea & Anne of Green Gables.I will have to continuing this post in my new blog ( I run out of space to post more pictures.I will make the pictures a lot smaller.

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