Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Collection

My mom gave me some great ideas like this one for instance.She said I can take pics of my collection and that what I did,but I only take pics of my stuff animals collection,and another day I will post pics of my other collection I have.I take pics of my moomins animals that I got from my BFF from Finland and my cheburashka from Russia that I traded with someone with.I love collecting things,but not Hello Kitty.I know that people think she's cute,but I just very care about Hello Kitty.Enjoy your day!In my next post I will show you what clothes I have that I like!!


  1. You're just like me!

    I don't like Hello Kitty either! She has no purpose, and she is just a cat in clothes!

    Zalia xxx

  2. Cute cheburashkas! I really like them :) Moomins are my favourites too of course. You have so great collection of stuff animals.