Thursday, April 12, 2012

Reading and Writing

It's finally working again.I am so happy that it worked that not worked. :(I love blogging,but I want everybody to come to my blog and like it.It seems like nobody likes my blog since after a year.I have also been busy cooking too.Tomorrow I am going to make Fettuccine Alfredo and I will show a picture of it for tomorrow since mostly everybody likes to see pictures than talking. I also didn't make my banner nor did I make the blog buttons.My friend made that for me.I am so lucky to have her do that for me because she is really good at doing it!I have been busy writing letters to my penpals and reading.I usually read history books and fiction books at night time.I love reading so much!I am just loving reading when I get used to it all the time.Why Am I loving reading so much?I think I know the reason is because I wanted to read like my family does and I gave it a try and there I am keep on reading.I got the idea of reading from school and I wasn't very thrill reading,but then I just say to myself you can do it and if you don't like reading then don't do it.Reading educational books are good for your brain and their very educational for homeschooling/school.I have decided to just read a history and fun book everyday so that I can get smarter than what I am now and be educational than stupid.I think reading have been taking over of me for weeks now.This is what I am going to do when  finish a History book then I will tell what it's about,but I won't tell you everything about it because I want you to try to read it on your own then me telling you all about it.I won't show any pics of the History book I am reading now because it probably will spoil the fun of it.I know that everybody likes when bloggers show pics,but I just don't feel like uploading any pics.History is my favorite subject because it's very educational like science and the other subjects too!What is your favorite subject or do you not have a favorite subject?Please comment because I want your thought and I like when I get comments so much!! :)Come on everybody please do the favor I ask you.I know some blogs that don't include pics and they get a few or a lot of comments.If you have any questions to ask me please do ask me please.This blog is maybe for when I do DIY'S and fun crafts!Please grab my button and post them on your lovely blogs!

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