Monday, April 16, 2012

Movies I watch last week

Every week I will show you movies what I watched from last week.I love watching movies and posting them on my blog.Movies make my day happy and fun!! :) Without no movies then it be BORING.Who wants that to happen.I have just figure out something about my blog I need to post more posts and more pictures then just posting something without pictures.I have watched other movies,but I never take pictures of them because I just started doing this today.There's a movie that liked so much since I was 8,9,or 10 years old that I got a couple of weeks ago,and returned it and I should have a taken a picture of it before my mom returned it,but oh well.I will tell you about the movie under it,but I won't tell you all about it because you have to watch it.I have taken a picture of one of my 2 favorite movie and it's under the first picture that I took.Today I will try to start doing art journaling and taking pics of what I did,and will post it in the next post.So I hope you like seeing pictures of movies that I watched and will give you ideas of what you want to see.I wish you all a good morning or a good afternoon or a good night!! :)

ZooKeeper is a movie about animals what to help Griffin out because he wants to marry a lady called Stephanie,but then she doesn't want to marry him because he's a zookeeper.When they have this dance Stephanie goes out with her ex-boyfriend and Griffin use his zookeeper lady doctor to get Stephanie to marry him.

Spy Kids All The Time In The World is about when this lady marries a guy that has 2 children and he's a spyhunter and he doesn't know that the stepmom is a spy.When she catch a guy that name Tick Tock she is about to have her baby tomorrow,but then she starts having it today instead of tomorrow.When she goes to the OSS then Tick Tock men goes for the necklace that the stepmom gave to Rebecca(one of her stepchildren)and they go into the panic room and the mom recorded herself and showing herself and saying she's a spy.The stepchildren is helping her out and the stepmom doesn't even own until later on.

This is a picture of both dvd's that I wanted to show both of them in one picture and seperately too.I hope some of the info I gave you about the movies will encourage you to watch it.I'm not sure is that okay,but I will see what happens.

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