Sunday, October 28, 2012

Considering 14 and up girls penpals only

I am sorry that I haven't posted in 5 months and I been busy since we are going to move to Washington state by December of this year.Whoever would like to my penpal I might see sending cute little things in envelopes since in Washington state there's cute things there like Seattle.When I move then I will be starting a final new blog that is a website and I will stop working on this one for a change because my mom selling all of my Blythes to pay for the bills around here and I don't like blythes like I used to.With some of the money we can maybe get a Wacom tablet for all of us to use for blogging including my new website!I am so excited for it!

Please email me only at:


Please refer all your friends that i am looking for 14 years olds and up girls to be penpals with!

Thanks for reading this post and hopefully you can help me get a good 14 year old girl to be my penpal!! :) Whatever you can do will be helpful!

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