Friday, October 21, 2011

Pink Magic up for sale(If you want to see this post please click on this topic)

Me and my mom are trying to sell pink magic on blythe kingdom and trying to get a different doll.Here is the information from blythe kingdom that my mom post about Pink Magic for sale below:If you would like to buy Pink Magic please email my mom on blythe kingdom and then you look on the left side of the side and press pm(Private Message).

Please be patient with me as this is my first listing ever selling a blythe doll....I've bought on BK more times than I care to share but this is the first blythe to leave us.It's my youngest daughter's blythe doll but she has fallen in love deeply with another one for sale and since this one was one of the last dolls she got,she's willing to part with this one.

She was customized by BK member simplypeaceable and hopefully she won't mind me posting her photos of our blythe.We never got around to changing her name but was named Pink Magic by her previous owner who carved her face and did her makeup,gave her new eyes,sleepy and boggled eyes and pretty pink eyelashes.She has beautiful pink hair and her eye chips are amazing colors!She will come nude.We will miss her and know she will find a great home on here where she will get loved so we hope you are the one to give her a new home so my daughter can adopt another girl she has fallen in love with and can only afford if we sell Pink Magic.If you have any questions,please feel free to pm and I will answer any questions to the best of my ability.

Price-$260 plus shipping
*I'd prefer to sell within the USA only and payments by paypal echeques,thanks.
**Comes from a smoke free and pet free home.

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