Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Semeeah's Savings

I am so sorry that I haven't been doing my blog and I am busy doing homework because I am homeschooled.Somebody else joined Semeeah's Savings and her name is Isabel.You see Isabel interview below.Thanks Isabel for joining Semeeah's Savings.

1.Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Isabel and I live in the south of Spain with my boyfriend and our cute puppy, Elliot. I love crafties since I was a child and I can still remember myself sewing clothes for my Barbie dolls. Also I love reading, listening to music and travelling!!

2.When did you get your first blythe doll?
My first Blythe was a V-Smash called Martina, who is still leaving with me. 
I saw Blythes for first time in a Spanish TV ad and I was immediately in love. I looked for those unknown, big-head dollies on internet and I discovered Flickr and million pics of them! Just some weeks later, I was buying my first Blythe. I bought her on April 2008, but she didn't arrive until the beginning of May! It was such a long waiting.
3.When did you start sewing blythe clothes?
I started sewing Blythe clothes just when Martina arrived home, as I had nothing she could wear! My sewing skills were a bit rusty and I had no much free time, then it was easier for me buying clothes from others. Luckily, I’m having more spare time for me lately and I’m sewing and improving my millinery skills thanks to Blythes again!
4.Do you make anything else for blythes?
Apart from tulle skirts and headbands, I customise Blythe dolls. Also, I’m working on my first alpaca reroot those days. It’s being a slow process but I’m sure I will finish it sooner or later.
5.Can you tell us about your blythe dolls?
My Blythe family is quite big nowadays, but it is hard to think about downsizing for me.
All of my girls have a special story that makes each one of them pretty special. My favourite ones so far are BLs and customized girls and my kenner, of course. She is a very special present I got.
I don’t have any EBL or FBL in my collection yet.
6.What is your favorite style for your blythe dolls?
That’s hard to say! I think each doll has its own personality. Anyway, Blythes are little girls for me, so I prefer clothes that make them look childish.
Also, I love vintage style which inspires me for the stuff I make. Just for your blog readers, an special discount of 12% is now available, entering the coupon code 12OFF on my shop. 

Isabel has more Tulle Tutus and headbands too and not just these ones below.This is Isabel Etsy Shop.

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