Monday, April 16, 2012

Fresh lemon limeade drink with cherries

This afternoon I have decided to make my very own drink without no recipe.Isn't that AMAZING!I have take 1 picture of the ingredients and 1 or 2 pictures of what it looked like.Why is it pink?It's pink from the cherry juice and cherries.I have used cherries from the jar instead of cherries by the fruits and vegetables because those ones probably be gross in the drink.Let me tell you the recipe.I hope you enjoy this cool summer drink on a hot day!Remember this recipe is mine and nobody else and if you do post this recipe on your blog please tell them that you got it from my website and post a link to it.I forgot to include a spoon in the picture of all of the ingredients and you do need one.I hope that you will enjoy like I did!When you finish making the drink you then open the cherries and add a little bit of juice and a few cherries in the drink.You can use any amount of cherries you want to,but I used 3 cherries and that was surely enough for it.When you do try it tell me what do you think of it.
You need:
1 cup of sugar
2 small limes
2 large lemons
a lime squeezer
a jar of cherries(not from the fruits and vegetables aisle)
a spoon to mix with
a recycled bottle or a bottle to pour it in

You first cut the limes in half and then put the limes in the squeezer and squeeze the limes in the glass bottle.Then when you finish that you cut the lemons in half and then put them in the squeezer and squeeze them in the glass bottle.When you finished that you pour water halfway and then add your 1 cup of sugar and then mix it up.You add more water until it reaches to the top.You pour the drink in a little glass that you are going to drink out of and open the cherries and add a little bit of juice and a few cherries.There you have it Fresh Lemon and Limeade with cherries.It's a good summer drink!If you want to you can ice to your drink so that it can be cold instead of being hot.

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